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REMINDER: We have one service and religious education program at 10:00 am from the 3rd Sunday in May through Labor Day.

Come Experience Our Spirit

Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist is a religious community that confirms, challenges and supports a diverse membership that spans all age groups, faith traditions, and an array of ethnic, political and economic experiences.

Here you will find liberal Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, pagans, Buddhists and other believers worshipping together, discussing their beliefs and learning from each other. We think that diversity enriches us all as we talk about a reality that none of us can possibly know completely. [Read more]

The purpose of the Church is to promote liberal religion, ensure individual freedom of conscience and restrict no one in his/her belief with creedal or doctrinal confessions.[Read more]

Our church is unique in that we do not have one set of beliefs that everyone must share in order to join. Rather, we believe in pluralistic religious ideas and the freedom of their expression. We believe that individual reason and conscience are the arbiters of religious truth. And we believe that seeking that truth is a never-ending journey. [Read more]


One Service Schedule: May 15 through Labor Day

Open Forum Discussion in Classroom 5

Worship Service, Childcare and Religious Education


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As a Welcoming Congregation, we actively welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people as full participants in the life of the church. We are committed to standing on the side of love in our congregational life and our advocacy in the larger community.

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A Green Sanctuary Congregation

The Green Sanctuary Committee encourages awareness, appreciation and action in support of the environment on which we all depend. We promote worship that deepens our connection to the natural world, educational programs for all ages and service projects that benefit our local area and the larger world.

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